Myscree's Mission

Our Mission

To create and recreate products that improve health and lifestyle, and make living worthwhile.

Myscree's Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We have a philosophy to create the best and to stand out of the crowd by bringing innovation in the lives of every single human with the products we create.

Technology is transforming personal care and healthcare more than any other force and will continue to develop significantly in the future. But there are a few people who stick on and continue to practice the old school hacks of personal care and health care due to lack of time, based on their hectic schedules. With the idea of recreating lifestyle, we have come up with the brand ‘Scree’.

At Scree, we exhaustively research all the major and minor aspects of lifestyle essentials that need innovation. Scree aims at replacing the old personal care and healthcare products with its new quality products that have a sync of technology and innovation. Recreating lifestyle is our vision and we are on a mission to bring such useful and simplified products to mankind for a better and healthier living.