Hygiene In Office

10 Tips To Maintain Hygiene In Office

The world is battling with the corona pandemic and the economy has suffered the most. While the world plans to survive and continue life and livelihood amidst the pandemic, most of the offices and workplaces begin to function. It is very essential for one to make sure that he remains safe and keeps his fellow colleagues safe too. While all of us practice some essential hygiene at home, it becomes more important to keep the office space hygienic. Here are some of the most crucial tips that you need to keep in mind if you are hitting your office during the pandemic. 

1. Temperature Checks Are A Must – Although the incubation period of COVID-19 is seven to fourteen days, it is better and safe to maintain a temperature check of all the employees at the office. Make sure the office has an infrared thermometer – a contactless one. Avoid using had and mouth thermometers as these spread infection. Advice the once who are having a high temperature to stay back at home and keep a check on their health. In case they do no recover soon, advise them to take up a COVID test to be extra cautious. 

2. Sanitizers Need to Be Placed in Automatic Dispensers – It is important to sanitize hands once you enter the office space. Studies have proven that sanitizers that have alcohol as one of their composition. Do not choose the pump dispenser bottles or the normal ones. Instead, stitch to the automatic dispenser bottles as this is the best way to have a contactless hand sanitization. 

3. The Office Furniture Needs to Be Disinfected Twice a Day– Ask the housekeeping staff to sanitize all the office furniture twice a day – before you log in and after you log out. Right from the door handle, to the desks and chairs, all of the furniture and the floor at your office need to be sanitized. This has to be done without fail each day to prevent the existence of germs and viruses. 

4. Keep the Air Conditioners Off – We have been used to sitting under the air conditioners keeping them at low temperatures. Its time to turn them off. The moist and cool temperature and atmosphere boost the growth and multiplication of germs and viruses. It is very important to keep the temperatures at a normal level to inhibit or rebuke the growth of these microorganisms. In this way, you are making way for a healthier atmosphere inside the homes. 

5. Use Disinfectants After and Before Using Toilets – The usage of restrooms and toilets Hygine need to be treated with extra care and extra cautiousness. It is very important to use disinfectant sprays before you sit on the toilet seat and the usage of automatic soap dispensers must be implemented. All of this must be done when each person visits the washroom. 

6. Check the Seating Arrangements – The seating arrangement in the office is very important. Studies have proven that the spread of corona does not happen if one maintains a distance of 3 meters apart. The seating arrangement must be made in the same way too. There must be enough spacing between employees and one needs to make sure that social distancing is maintained well. Meetings must be arranged in open spaces and not conference rooms. 

7. Use Automatic Soap Dispensers in the Office – The usage of hand sanitizers is harmful to humans because of the alcohol and chemical composition in it. It is better to make all the staff at the office to wash their hands frequently. It would be a better option to not use and towels and each of them could either carry a separate set of tissues or separate hand towels. This is very important to stop the transfer of germs if any. The pump soap dispensers must be replaced by automatic soap dispensers to have a contactless handwash

8. Avoid Meeting Clients – Do not fix any meetings with customers and clients until it is very important. Use skype snd other video conferencing platforms to have meetings and do not let outside visitors enter your office space without a thorough health check and sanitization. 

9. Encourage Social Distancing in the Pantry – Pantries is a place where you would have made friends and had all fun during lunch hours. It is very important to sit alone and eat alone. Avoid using the same cutlery or sharing food as you may unknowingly transmit infection and germs to your pal at the office. Also, make sure that 

10. Watch Out When You Travel – Just like how you need to avoid anyone visiting your office premise, you need to make sure that you should not be going out anywhere too. Avoid the fieldwork at the office as much as possible and choose the video conferencing platforms if you need to have a meeting. Watch out when you travel to your office too.  If you are using a means of public transport, make sure you wear a mask and carry a hand sanitizer. Do not exchange currencies, but if you can make the payments online, it would be a say way to avoid the contact of the coronavirus. 

These are the simple techniques that you need to follow when you are making your way to the office and starting it all over during the corona pandemic. Make sure you remain the utmost safe to keep your family safe too. When you follow these safety measures, you will be able to beat corona effectively. 

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