5 Classic Tricks Shaving

5 Classic Tricks That Improve Your Shaving in No Time

Have you felt you need to step up your shaving after staring at yourself in the mirror? You are probably still using the old techniques and products that your dad gifted on your 18th birthday. But now you need something better, something more advanced. It’s time to ditch your old-school methods and plug in new techniques to make shaving an extraordinary experience.

Shave in the shower

1. Shave in the Shower: Shaving in the shower has many advantages that you may not know about. The hot water and steam help your face relax, open up pores, and soften your stubborn  whiskers. Besides, you don’t have to get a different set up for your morning shaving ritual, and that saves lots of your bucks and time. 

Common Grooming Mistakes That Men Are Making

Scrub before you shave

2.Scrub Before You Shave: There is this misplaced practice that most men follow-they scrub after shaving. Using blades is already harsh enough for skin, scrubbing on top of that? No, not the right way to treat your skin. In practice, what yields positive results is scrubbing before shaving. It’s going to prepare your skin in the best possible ways. Scrubbing face removes excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, all that may hamper your shaving.

 And also, make exfoliation as part of your skin routine. Scrubbing a few times a week keeps your skin fresh and radiant.

Use electric rotary Head shaver

3. Use Electric Rotary Head Shaver: If you are looking for the best way to shave your head and beard, then without any ado, you should buy an electric shaving machine. This three head electric razor for men performs five functions: trimming, shaving head and beard hair, clipping nose hair, softening stubble, and shaping the beard. So the one device serves many purposes. Furthermore, the cordless head shaver is so compact that you can carry this device wherever you go. 

 Buy Electric Shaver Online

Use a good quality shave gel/cream

4. Use a Good Quality Shave Gel/Cream: You know what makes a difference to your shave? A good quality gel/cream. So if you are still using that old, foamy shaving cream, then it’s time to reconsider. After you shave, your skin needs to relax, for that you need some gentle, high-quality product to cater to that. There are plenty of shave gels/creams out there. Pick the one that’s best suits your skin.

Five Home Remedies To Smoothen and Soften Your Beard

Use a good after-shave product

5. Use a Good After-Shave Product: Using the after-shave product is like stretching after a workout; you do that because that prepares your body for the next workout. The same goes for your shave. When you take out time to take care of your skin after a shave, it can handle the next shave quite effortlessly. The after-shave product could be a spray or moisturizer that calms the skin and helps prevent razor burn. 

Have a plan for cuts and nicks

6. Have a Plan for Cuts and Nicks: Everyday may not be your day; some days, you may accidentally get nicks or scratches on your skin while shaving. On such days, you need to be equipped to treat them and leave no marks on your face.


7. Moisturize: If you are not moisturizing your skin, then you’re missing something major! Moisturizing protects your skin, repairs it from injuries, and fights anti-aging. Since you shave quite often, the skin must be in a state to withstand it, and moisturizing undoubtedly helps handle shaving.

Lastly, gentlemen, be gentle with your beard and whiskers, and once in a while, give them a break they deserve. Happy Shaving!

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