Beard Straightener – The best tool to keep your beard stylish during the quarantine season

Tips To Maintain Your Beard During Quarantine

How is the quarantine season going? The effect of the corona has spread across the whole world, and most of the countries have been locked down to a battle against this deadly virus. The economy of a thousand businesses has been hit badly, and every single human feels the lockdown heat. While all the spas and salons have been shut down, many men and women miss all the styling and skincare treatments that these centers render. Well, none; especially the men would want to look like early men with a long beard that grows abruptly in all directions. If a clean shave is not an option that you have during this quarantine, these are the things that you could be doing to maintain your long beard while staying at home.

Use a beard straightening brush – Since you are at home and do not go out, it is not advisable to neglect beard grooming. Make sure you run a brush along your beard to keep it soft and smooth. If you do not do this, you would be having a frizzy beard that would spoil your looks. For the men who have a rough beard, get yourself a beard straightening brush that would give your beard the saloon-like smoothness.

beard straightening brush

Get your hands on scissors – Trimming beard once in two days boosts up its growth. Did you know that your beard could also end up having split ends? Running the scissors along the beard hair would help you get rid of them, and also help you maintain even growth. 

Trimming beard

Get some olive oil from the kitchen – Just like the hair on your head and the skin cells on your face, your beard hair needs moisture and hydration too. You could restore hydration to your beard by massaging it with some warm olive oil. The olive oil has antioxidants and essential vitamins that will help your beard grow healthy and long. 

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No soap bars for beards – It is a common practice that most of us quickly wash our face and run the same soap bar on our beard to wash it too. This is a very wrong practice as the beard hair tends to dry up, thus becoming frizzy and very rough. Practice using beard shampoo that is available in the market. This gives the beard all the needed nourishment and keeps it soft and smooth. 

soap bar

Working out can do the trick – Pampering your beard from the outside is essential but the nourishment from the inside counts the most. Make sure you work out regularly, have a lot of water, chew some nuts and go vegan by eating a lot of greens and fruits. These things will boost the good beard growth from inside and keeps you very healthy too.

These are some of the essential tips that you need to follow to maintain a good beard during the lockdown season. Along with this, make sure you do not step out of your home and order anything that you need online. The beard straightening brush could be ordered online too. Make sure you stay safe until a solution to beat COVID-19 is found.

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