Benefits Of Including A Massage In Your Daily Routine

Do you exercise every single day? Are you conscious of your health and watch over what you eat and how well you sleep? These are some questions that you need to honestly ask yourself. The world is moving at a very quick pace and most of us are so busy competing with everyone that we often forget ourselves. Health is one of the main keys to having a happy life and one of the most neglected factors too. As humans, we feel the pinch that good health is mandatory for a good life only when we face some health issues.
The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to have control over your diet and routine. Just as how exercises are essential and important for you, a good massage is important too. Apart from it bring relaxation and comfort, it has a lot of health benefits and skin benefits too. Here are some of the main massage benefits that you need to know before you add a massage session into your daily routine.

Benefits Of Massage:

Relieves stress

1. Relieves Stress – The first and the most important benefit of massage is that it relieves all the mental tension and stress. As you get a massage on your body and head, it takes control of the brain and endocrine glands. In this way, your brain will signal the hormonal glands to regulate the secretion of cortisol – the stress hormone. Simultaneously, there is a secretion of dopamine – a hormone that keeps your mood bright. It fights stress, signs of depression, mood swings, and even suicidal tendencies. A massage a day can make you feel healthy, happy, and light.

Reduces inflammation and pain

2. Reduces Inflammation and Pain – Inflammations in the muscle happens when there is a damage in the tissues and the blood flow stops. There will be a pain because of the irregular supply of blood to this region. When this part of the body gets a massage, it makes the blood flow regular and the swelling and pain come down. The massage is the best way to cure headaches, back pain, body pain, and all of the other pain in the body.

Induces sleep

3. Induces Sleep – Insomnia is a very common health issue in humans today. Right from little kids, to adults, everyone becomes a victim of insomnia because of the lifestyle they have inculcated. While most of the adults find sleeping pills the best way to fall asleep, it comes along with a lot of side effects. The safest way to sleep well and curb insomnia and its effects is to have a good massage. A good massage on the body nourishes all the cells in the body and also makes the joints free. With this, you can have a good sleep and wake up to fresh and pleasant mornings.

Detoxifies the body

4. Detoxifies the Body – The liver is not the only organ in the body that promotes detoxification. There are a lot of lymphatic drainage systems embedded in the cells of the skin. When a good massage therapy happens on the body, it removes all the toxins from the body and activates the lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic drainage in the body pulls in all the excess fat cells, toxins, and foreign bodies to make way for clear skin.

Aids in proper blood circulation

5. Aids in Proper Blood Circulation – Blood circulation in the body is very important. Many of us have a sedentary lifestyle and this restricts the flow of blood to all our cells. As a result of this, the cells are devoid of oxygenated blood and this is not healthy. When you have a good massage, it makes all of the cells present in your body get oxygenated blood because of proper blood circulation. Good massage therapy is known for bringing down the blood pressure levels in the body and this controls high BP effectively.
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