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Five Home Remedies To Smoothen and Soften Your Beard

A clean shave is no longer preferred by many and beard is the new trend across the globe. Many refrain from keeping their beards long because of the frizz and roughness. Many men do not have time to groom, nourish and maintain a long beard and keep it well styled. Well, if you are someone who is into beard grooming, who loves to have a new look every time and would love to experiment with your long beard, here are some easy hacks to have a smooth beard in no time.

Massage Beard with Olive Oil​

olive oil

A good massage with olive oil extremely conditions the beard and makes it soft and smooth. Olive oil is filled with natural antioxidants and has minerals and vitamins that accelerate the growth of the beard and make it shine. Massage your beard gently – from root to tip with this oil and improve the luster naturally. After a good massage, give it a good ending by grooming it with a heated beard brush. 

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Use a Good-Quality and Certified Beard Straightener

Certified Beard straightener

Technology has the best and easiest solution for beard smoothening. All of you would have heard of a hair straightener but beard straightener is something new in the market. You will get heat-adjustable beard straightening tools that make your beard smooth and shiny. All you have to do is to turn it on and straighten until smooth.  Make sure you do not use the beard comb or the beard smoother on a wet beard. Use it on a dry beard for the best results. 

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Apply Beard Balms

Beard balms

Just like lip balms and hair gels, you will find beard balms in the market that moisturize your dry and frizzy beard and make it smooth. Apply the gel and use a beard comb to set it right. For better results, choose a beard balm made out of aloe vera.  Aloe vera soothes your beard tissues and protect them from the heat of the beard brush. You can try the other compositions such as coconut oil balms, avocado balms, and even menthol balms. 

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Stop Using Soap Bars

soap bars

Soap bars remove all the oils from your skin and the beard roots too. With dry skin, dry and porcupine-like beard hair pop out making your beard look very shabby. Choose liquid face washes that cleanse your skin without completely drying it out. If you have a long beard, go hunting for a good beard shampoo. The composition of the beard shampoo is very much different from the hair shampoo and it is a must-have if you are looking forward to having a stylish beard. This is another essential tip for effective beard grooming. 

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Watch What You Eat


Apart from the other treatments and beard grooming strategies, you can have a soft and smooth beard by watching what you eat. Include a lot of vitamin-rich fruits like avocadoes. Have a diet of salmon, mackerel, crabs, and oysters. Do make sure you have plenty of water too. For the shine, eat carrots, pumpkin seeds, and sweet potatoes on a regular basis.

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