Five Tips To Maintain Hygiene In Washrooms

Hand hygiene is something that is often preached but forgotten to be practiced. There are bacteria and germs everywhere and the bad ones outnumber the good ones. The most common places that need to be maintained clean and hygienic are public parks, public transports, and all the public and private washrooms. 

Bacterial growth, as well as the growth of other germs, is maximum in washrooms – be it at home or the public ones. It is very important to maintain hygienic conditions at these places, failing to which one can encounter various serious and fatal diseases. Here are some tips that need to be followed to maintain hygienic conditions in washrooms and stay healthy. 

Flush well

We do it at home but ignore this at public places such as offices or cafeterias. It is very important to flush after use to prevent bacterial growth. Make sure that you use a toilet freshener or a toilet cake to keep it more hygienic. Also, wash your hands thoroughly after pressing the flush button as the flush button would contain germs that can get transmitted on your hand too. Make sure you recommend people to keep hand soap dispensers on the hand wash areas of the washrooms. 

Use sensor water taps

Everyone touching the handle of the same tap will spread the germs and never get their hands clean. If you are in control of something, make sure you get a sensor water tap installed. This automatically releases water when the hand goes near the sensor and there is no question of hands getting dirty again. This is one of the best ways to promote hand hygiene. The taps may be a little expensive, but you would be saving money that you could tend to spend on medications if you encounter some infection. 

Use automatic soap dispenser

Just like the automatic taps, you can also use automatic soap dispensers to maintain and promote hygienic conditions. Bar soaps and the pressing hand soap dispensers have a whole lot of germ accumulation on their tips and surfaces, and this causes the diseases to spread. Replace the existing soap stands with automatic dispensers that help you in keeping the spreading of germs and bacteria at bay. You could also make use of the hand soap dispensers as shampoo dispensers, body-wash dispensers or even dish wash dispensers to make your space look stylish and germ-free. 

Place the sanitizers

Use sanitizers after using the washroom and promote this hand hygiene practice in everyone. Get a natural hand sanitizer instead of a chemical-kissed sanitizer. The best thing you could do is to transfer the hand sanitizer into an automatic dispenser to keep it more hygienic. 

Keep Dustbins In the washrooms

Make sure you promote the necessity of having dustbins in washrooms. Dustbins must be mandatorily the closed ones so that the used toilet papers and sanity napkins can be thrown into it easily. Make sure that you make a habit of discarding the waste into these closed bins so that hygiene is maintained and a healthier lifestyle is brought back in place.

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