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Want An Enviably Long Beard? Here are 4 Grooming Tips You Need!

Men of this generation do not want to have a clean shave. The beard is a direct extension of your personality, whether you are wild or subtle, attention-grabbing or distinguished. The latest trend they follow is to have a long beard. The other exotic look that is carried by men of the generation is a clean bald head with a neatly groomed long beard. 

A survey was done and men were asked about how hard was it or how easy was it to maintain the long beard. This made us realize that men’s grooming is not as easy as we think. Proper care needs to be given to the beard else it would become rough and frizzy. Many have  an uneven and unequal beard, growing out in all directions. Proper trimming must be rendered to keep the beard growing in one clean path. With all these issues in mind, we came out with some of the easiest hacks that help men grow their beard long, and flaunt it with style. Well, if you are someone who is into beard grooming, who loves to have a new look every time and would love to experiment with your long beard, here are some easy hacks to have a smooth beard in no time. 

How To Grow And Maintain A Great Beard

Get Yourself the Right Beard Trimmer

beard trimmer

This is the first and the most essential step towards men’s beard grooming. Gone are the days of using a basic blade or a simple hand shaver. All you need is anelectric shaver that helps you in having an amazing beard. The electric shavers, nowadays, come with amazing blades that are designed for perfect trim and shave. These electric shavers for men’s beards can also be used for the head too. 

Massage Beard with Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil is filled with natural antioxidants and has minerals and vitamins that accelerate the growth of the beard and make it shine. Massage your beard – from root to tip with this oil and improve the luster naturally. After a good massage, give it a good ending by grooming it with a heated beard brush. Beards also have split ends. Make sure you oil it regularly and keep trimming the ends with an electric shaver for better and healthier growth. 

Five Home Remedies To Smoothen and Soften Your Beard

Moisturize Your Beard Regularly With Balms and Gels

Just like lip balms and hair gels, you will find beard balms in the market that moisturize your dry and frizzy beard and make it smooth. Apply the gel and use a beard comb to set it right. For better results, choose a beard balm made out of aloe vera. Aloe vera has all the rich vitamins that are vital for beard growth. 

Latest Beard Trends For Men To Follow

Stop Using Soap Bars

soap bars

Soap bars remove all the oils from your skin and the beard roots too. With dry skin, dry and porcupine-like beard hair pop out making your beard look very shabby. Choose liquid face washes that cleanse your skin without completely drying it out. This is another essential tip for beard grooming.

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