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Tips To Boost Better Hair Volume In Babies

Did you know that over 79% of the babies across the world are born bald or with very scanty hair growth? Some of the babies are born with good hair on the behind of the head scalp but the front region remains bald. Most of the mothers get worried about this fact. Most of the mothers would love to experiment with new hair looks for their babies but get worried about seeing that their little one’s hair growth is very weak. If you are worried about your baby having scanty hair on the head, here are some essential tips to boost hair growth on the scalp of your little one and make him or her look like a superstar. 

Shave using a rotatory shaver – The more you shave, the denser and healthier the hair becomes. Get a painless and safe rotatory shaver at home and keep shaving your little one’s head bald until the head scalp has good hair growth. This is one of the most essential tips to boost hair volume on your little one’s head. A shave at home is better than the shave at the spa. 

Rotatory head shaver

Use a soft towel – This is another tip to the new moms out there. The skin on the face, body, and also the head scalp. Handling the skin of the head harshly and using a rough towel would damage the hair follicles on the head. It is very important to just dab your little one’s hair with the towel to dry it. Do not rub the scalp at all. 

Soft towel for baby

Almonds do the trick – Almonds have all the essential nutrients and vitamins that boost good memory and good hair. If your little one is more than a year, soak almonds in water and add it as a part of the diet. For infants, massage the hair scalp with almond oil that is slightly warm. 


Use products with the goodness of Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a very essential hair growth booster for infants and adults too. Along with its property of enhancing hair growth, it also makes the skin of your little one soft and supple. Make sure you choose oils, shampoos, body washes, and creams that have the goodness of Vitamin E to boost your little one’s physical charm. 

Wash and massage regularly – A clean hair scalp is mandatory for healthy hair growth. However, too much washing hair removes the natural oils from your baby’s hair. All that you need to do is to massage your little one’s hair with good oil and wash it regularly to let your baby have wonderful hair. Using a hair comb would massage the head scalp and boost blood circulation. This, in turn, makes way for dense hair that is healthy and strong. 

These are some essential hair growth boosting tips for all the new mothers out there. These tips can be implemented for infants, toddlers, kids, and teens too. Make sure you try these tips for your little one and make your dream of styling his/her hair come true.

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