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How Can Massage Therapy Assist In The Treatment of Chronic Diseases?

Today many Americans view massage as an integral part of their health care regime. People are flocking to massage therapists more than ever to mitigate stress levels. However, there were times when some of the myths such as massage accelerates cancer spread in patients, causes pregnant women to miscarry  etc, kept people from trying massage therapy. And now, these myths are getting busted one by one, thanks to the innumerable benefits of massage.

Massage therapy can treat some of the chronic medical conditions. If you are suffering from any of the following medical conditions, then make massage your go-to therapist.

Diseases That Massage Therapy Can Help To Treat



The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis – it is the chronic disease of the joints. People aged above 60 are vulnerable to this condition. It occurs when the protective cartilage located in the bones wears down. It mainly affects the hands, spine, knee, and hip joints. Some of its symptoms are pain, stiffness, and swelling, and decreased range of motion in the joints part.

Solution: Swedish massage therapy is both ideal and practical for this condition. It relieves knee pain and improves its functions.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90 to 95 percentages of all diabetes cases diagnosed. This chronic condition resists the effects of insulin and affects how the body metabolizes sugar or glucose; insulin is not produced in the right amount to regulate the movement of sugar into your cells.

Solution: Diabetic patients gain significant benefits from foot therapy. Thai foot massage is more like acupressure massage therapy; here, thumb pressure is applied to meridian lines of foot and leg. Application of pressure on certain parts of the foot’s sole produces reflex action on other parts of the body and improves the balance and mobility of patience.

What Makes The Massage Pen the Ideal Stress Buster

Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia; it is a progressive disorder where brain cells degenerate and die. The following are some of the symptoms of this disease.

  • Difficulty performing ordinary tasks.
  • Feeling confused, agitated, especially at night.
  • Trouble focusing on tasks.
  • Dramatic mood swings like depression, anxiety, and outburst of anger.
  • Difficulty communicating and feeling disoriented
  • Physical problems such as odd walk and poor body coordination.

Solution: It is identified that a soft, hand massage relaxes the body, decreases the aggressiveness in a patient, and reduces stress level. Foot massage also reduces agitation and other behavioral-related problems in patients, especially in older people who are in a long-term care facility.

Benefits of including massage in your daily routine.



Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer brings with it a lot of pain, anxiety, and depression. 

Solution: Massage helps reduce the uneasiness and relaxes the mind and body and uplifts the mood. It also reduces the potential side effects of chemotherapy, such as nerve damage; however, for right, proper treatments, it’s better to consult a massage therapist with a specialty in oncology massage.

Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders

It is an emotional disturbance characterized by a prolonged period of excessive sadness or elation or both. A mood disorder is also considered a major depressive disorder. 

Solution: Massage therapy can reduce mental pain and improve quality of life. It also reduces acute fatigue and anxiety. The back and handheld massage decreases stress and promotes increased relaxation. If you have mild conditions, you can also take a massage from home with a laser acupuncture massage device.

Final Thought

Research studies and practical success of Therapeutic massages have made this traditional practice an essential wellness tool and that’s why it’s no wonder why, lately, many Americans are relying on massage therapy products. Add Electronic acupressure massager as part of your self-care and medical-treatment routine and see the change!

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