How To Flaunt A Masculine Bald Look

Once you have hit a certain age, baldness arises as a new obstacle. Every man is prone to male pattern baldness but none of them is prepared for it. We wear our hair like a crown and each individual’s hair speaks volumes about the person. But flaunting the bald look with confidence has become a trend right now. In this blog, we will discuss a few ways in which you can transform into a masculine icon flaunting your bald look:

1. Shave Your Head And Own It

The first step to looking good with a bald head is by owning your shaved head. If you are ashamed of your head, why would anyone else appreciate it? Just because you’re bald doesn’t mean that your hair growth is halted completely. Patching hair is the worst look on a bald head. Let go of the little patches of hair that are scattered across your head. Shave or buzz these patches out of your head. Shaving the few wisps of hair will make you look younger and more masculine. It might initially feel hard to look at your reflections in the mirror, however, after a week passes you’ll feel and look better.

Having the right toolkit

In order to maintain your baldness, you will need the right tools. A razor could be intimidating but will always get the job done. However, if you are just starting shaving your hair and flaunting the bald look, using an electric razor could help you maintain a clean head. The Colt Rotary Electric Razor by Scree is a great bald head shaver. While using most electric razors, you are required to follow certain rules whilst trying to maintain a bald head. However, Colt is a user-friendly bald head shaver. With this bald head shaver, you are able to shave your head in any angle without minding the direction too much.

Just because you’re bald it does not mean that you will never look attractive. Take Jeff Bezos for example, as the founder of Amazon, he has every right to look like a dweeb, however, he radiates confidence through his masculine baldness. He is one of the many who have owned their baldness. Having the right bald head shaver will make it easier to take care of your hairless head.

2. Tan Your Skin

Tanning shows that you indulge in the outdoors. Moreover, when you have a bald head, it illuminates and reflects light. Having a tan will minimize the light radiation from the dome of your head. It will make your look appear more rough and tough and more masculine. 

3. Train And Build Muscles

Having a muscular body will balance the attention that your bald head attracts. Muscles also show that you are strong and masculine. Going to the gym and building muscle also helps boost your confidence and helps you feel comfortable in your own skin with the shaved head.

4. Take Care Of Your Skin

Now that your head is clear of hair, your acne and other skin conditions will attract more attention to your face. Your face alone is at the forefront now, therefore, it is important to keep it clean. Take good care of your skin and keep it clear. 

5. Dress Confidently

Dressing proactively will send an aura of confidence and help you appear more masculine. Do not wear clothes that are too loose, wear clothes that either fit you perfectly or are a little tight on you. Since you do not have your hair to express your style on, show it through your garments. Nothing is sexier than tight clothes on a well-built body as it highlights your good physic.

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