How To Grow And Maintain A Great Beard

A great beard is not gifted naturally or by God. A lot of effort grows in to maintain it. Studies say that hair can be maintained easily when you compare it with the beard. Yes, it’s true. Just like your face, your beard gets encountered with all the dirt and dust. It gets rough and frizzy in no time. Maintaining a long beard needs a lot of dedication and patience. This is why you have seen many men compromising with a stubble instead of a long beard. If you have been compromising on the same, this blog lets you know how the beard could be maintained easily. 

Testosterone Level Matters  No one would have told you but the testosterone levels matter a lot for your facial hair growth. Testosterone is a hormone that is found in men and women. It is high in men than women and one of its features is the beard. If you wish to have a good beard growth, increase the testosterone levels in your body. This can be done by exercising and lifting weights. Eat a lot of proteins and carbs too. Along with all of this, reduce your stress because the cortisol levels in contrast with testosterones make way for hair loss. 

Shave Frequently  The more you shave, the thicker your facial beard grows. Use a good shaver and start from a clean shave. Shave four times a week when you begin or plan to grow a long beard. With this, your facial hair thickens and you will have a denser beard. This tip is for all the men who have a scanty beard. Also, make sure that you shave in the opposite direction of your beard growth. Each of your beard hair grows thick with this. After a week, keep away your razor and shaver and begin the journey of having a new look. 

Style and Shape It Up  It is highly important for one to style and shapes the beard as it grows. This works well for two things. One is to keep up your beard in shape. The next thing is to keep your beard healthy. When you do not trim and shape your beard, it may have splits joust like your head hair. This would lead to weaker beards in the long run and the beard becomes uneven Have a trimming session once a month. You can use a trimmer initially and then switch to scissors. Do this regularly even when you have to cut down a little of your beard after it reaches the length that you have craved for. 

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Wash with Mind Soaps  When you are planning to have a beard, stop using soap bars. Instead, switch to mild liquid soaps that do not dry up the moisture in your beard. Dry beards lead to frizz and this makes the beard curly and bad to look. The dryness caused by the soaps makes your beard break before it attains the length that you have wanted. The mild face wash foams and soaps preserve the essential moisture and prevent your beard from drying up.

Massage with Beard Oil – Just like how your hair needs a good oil massage for better hair growth, your beard needs one too. The best oils that enrich your beard and condition it is argan oil, olive oil, and even coconut oil. The best time to have a good massage is after you have a hot shower. The hot water softens the beard and opens the closed hair follicles. All of this makes way for a good seepage of oil. Make sure you massage your beard with beard oil in the direction of your beard growth.

Take Care of the Moustache – Your mustache very important. Some are blessed with a good mustache and some are blessed with a not so good one. However, you can grow your mustache and shape it according to beard growth. The ends of the moustache need to be shaped in the ends and should be left elongated. This joins the beard and makes it look good. 

Watch What You Eat – Vitamins C and E are very essential for beard growth. You can find them in green vegetables like broccoli, green peas, carrots, and other food sources. The most important feed for a healthy beard is water. Consume enough water so that your beard hair remains hydrated from the inside. 

Use a Beard Straightening Brush  Some of them have trouble while growing their beard. It becomes extremely rough, frizzy, curly, or grows in all directions. The best way to treat the beard is to have it smoothened using a beard brush straightener. This straightener smoothes and even the hair and makes the beard long too. With all of this, the beard looks great and you can make it long instantly. 

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