Halloween During a Pandemic

How to Have a Safe Halloween During a Pandemic?

Halloween is almost here! But this year’s Halloween is going to be tricky, a little outlandish, and really scary because of the word ‘Pandemic.’ All these social gatherings, classic door-to-door trick-or-treating has the potential danger of spreading the virus. Does it mean we have to shut the door and say ‘better luck next year? Oh no! It’s Halloween we are talking about, and there got to be a Way.

You need a little forethought this year. Here we have compiled some safe ways to celebrate Halloween without contracting the virus and spreading to the community.


How to Pass Out Candies to Kids?

When kids flock before your house, shouting ‘Trick or treat’ expelling potentially virus-laden droplets from their mouth, you can’t just overlook this scenario, especially when you have kids and elders at home. You need to find another way to pass out candies. The best alternative for this would be bagging treats individually for children and keeping them on your driveway or dangling them near your front porch. Children pick them as they pass by. However, you need to keep an eye on these little goblets who take more than their share.

haunted houses

What’s the Best Alternative to the Haunted Houses?

Visiting haunted houses during a pandemic? Not a wise idea. How about watching horror movies? You can have Halloween-themed movies at home. If you have a projector, then it’s even great. You can gather all your family members and invite some friends over and watch back-to-back some horror movies. This gives you vibes any haunted house would give.

Halloween party at home

How to Stay Safe Even If You Are Throwing a Small Halloween Party at Home?

Even if you managed to gather a small number of people in this pandemic, you are still prone to the virus. One positive person may undermine the entire group’s safety. However, you can scare the virus on Halloween with the right tool. When you have automatic hand soap and sanitizer installed at home, the virus won’t crawl near you. What makes handless soap dispensers so special in this pandemic is it is automatic and dispels the soap without having to touch the commercial soap dispenser. Even while partying, don’t forget to sanitize hands with a touchless soap dispenser.

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outdoor community events

Is It Okay to Take Part in Outdoor Community Events?

Since you are to avoid indoor events such as haunted houses, you could go for community events that ensure a fun and safe Halloween. Look for programs offered by park districts in your area. If there are, join the fun. But remember to follow all the protocols set to fight this virus. Make sure you cover your face with a mask, maintain distance, and sanitize your hands regularly.

Why Should You Replace Your Old-School Soap Dispenser With An Automatic Soap Dispenser?

child’s costume

How Can I Incorporate a Mask into My/my Child’s Costume?

If you see any superheroes or supervillains in any comic books, most of them have one thing in common. Those quaint masks they always wear. So this Halloween, wear your mask with all pride because you are part of this mission to combat the coronavirus. To suit the Halloween theme, add some dramatic touch to your mask. It’s the best time to tap your creativity and come up with some cool ideas. Ask your friends to do the same. If you have no time to come up with a mask idea, you can draw vampire teeth or cat whiskers on a mask.

How to stay safe in this Pandemic?


After long months of staying indoors, it’s time to go out and shriek on the streets. Don’t forget to enjoy this Halloween with all safety measures in place. Have a happy, spooky Halloween.

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