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All of us are fighting our battle with the microscopic COVID-19 Virus that has made its mark across the whole globe. Its infection began in China and in no time spread across the world – making it a global pandemic. The symptoms of the infection occur after a week or two of the incubation period and this makes it spread at a large spectrum unknowingly. The best way to deal with the pandemic until vaccines are being found is to stay behind the locked doors of your home.  

Merely staying at home is not enough to prevent the virus from entering into your space. It is proven that alcohol-based sanitizers can kill 99% of the bacteria and washing your hands with a good germ killer soap is needed too. How often have you wondered that the germs and the bacteria you fear would be seated on the soaps and the soap dispenser bottles that you use? The best way to make sure that you do not come in contact with them is to use an automatic soap dispenser. Such a hand soap dispenser works in many ways and not just one. Here is how you can implement the soap dispenser at home and stay healthy. 

In your washroom

In Your Washroom – This goes without saying. The first place that you need to place the automatic soap dispenser is your toilet. If your roommates and you share a common toilet, make sure you replace the pump soap dispenser and the soap bars immediately with these hand soap dispensers immediately. This keeps you safe and sound. You can keep two of such dispensers in your washroom. Fill one with handwash soap and the other one with sanitizer and use them for cleaner and germ-free hands. 

In Your Hand Wash Area – Children below the age group of 12 should not be using the hand sanitizer frequently. This proves to be unhealthy for them because they contain alcohol. The best way to keep their hands germ-free is to make them wash their hands regularly. To make this extra safe, you can use the automatic soap dispenser at the handwash area of your house. You really cannot confine kids indoors. Make sure you give them some outdoor time in the terrace or backyard. Make sure they hit right straight into the hand wash area to wash their hands using the soap from the soap dispenser

In your kitchen

In Your Kitchen – Your kitchen can have an automatic soap dispenser too! This has nothing much to do with the coronavirus, but it helps you keep your sink clean. Many of us have a messy soap dispenser in the kitchen as we tend to touch it with soapy hands while washing the utensils. The best way to keep the dispenser clean and your sink and kitchen look tidy is to make sure you use the hand soap dispenser that is automatic. Fill it with the utensil wash soap and use the soap from it without touching the device. 

In Your Bathroom – The automatic soap dispenser has the ability to make your bathroom safe and make it look tidy too. You can use the hand soap dispenser in a lot of ways. You can fill in your handwash, body washes, shampoo, and conditioner too. In case you use body oils, you can fill the oils in the soap dispenser to have non-greasy oil bottles. Your bathroom will look at its best when you use them and this works best if you are living with your roommates or are having guests at home. 

At the Entrance of Your Home – The hand soap dispenser can be used as a hand sanitizer dispenser too. You can attach it at the entrance near your door so that anyone coming into your home can have a touchless hand sanitization. You can keep such soap dispensers filled with sanitizers and place them in some of the essential places at home. This keeps you safe from the virus. 

These are some of the ways that you can use the automatic soap dispensers at your home. The safest way to stay away from the virus is to keep your hands clean and keep them off your face. 

Get your ticket to safer living now!

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