Latest Beard Trends For Men To Follow

Beards have played a significant role in our lives throughout history. For the Egyptian Pharaohs, it symbolized authority and power. The Romans grew theirs to mourn the loss of loved ones. At present, it is an ultimate style accessory. According to a 2016 study published in The Journal of Evolutionary Biology, it has become clear that women are more attracted to men with facial hair than their clean-shaven counterparts. So I don’t think one needs any better reason to start paying more attention to your bristles. Here are some of the latest styles in trend.

Classic Short Beard

If you are unsure about something when it comes to fashion, it’s always good to go with the classic since you can’t get it wrong and never dies out. The same goes with a beard, the classic beard, which is a dialed-down neat look that is instantly bound to draw attention. To obtain this look grow out your beard, trim the whiskers, and keep the rest in sync by grooming it with the help of a beard brush. You should go with a short haircut to accompany this classic yet modern look. 


Short Beard

It is one of the more complicated ones, but it will help to project your experimental nature to the outside world. It works on most face shapes and also helps to add more prominence to your chin. All you need to do is grow out your mustache long while keeping the beard groomed in stubble with the help of a trimmer. You can also straighten out your mustache with the help of a straightening brush and style it in a way that compliments your face.

Full Beard

Beardstache Straightener

A full beard is one of the more challenging styles to pull off as it requires more time and effort. It needs a lot of patience and constant grooming. This is one of the hardest to pull off, and if you are someone with an oval face, you can easily rock it. Round faces can be elongated by growing the hair at the chin longer while keeping the sides shorter and straightening them with the help of a straightener. It is also essential that you keep it well-groomed, so invest in a good beard comb and beard brush.

Thin beard

It is great for men in their 20’s who wish to achieve that look of maturity while not compromising on their actual age. It’s one of the easiest to pull off and requires minimal effort to maintain. All one has to do is to grow out a mustache and trim it with a groomer so that it blends in well with your beard. This look is also great for accentuating your jawline. Use a beard comb to keep your beard even.

The Goatee

long beard

This one is even easier to maintain than a thin beard. Big on style and very short on maintenance, it exudes a certain rebellious streak to your nature. It’s an effortless style featuring hair only around the chin and above the lip if necessary. This style is excellent for men who can’t grow a full beard and looks great on men with lean and angular faces. To get this style, just let your beard grow out to your desired length and maintain it with the help of a trimmer. Use a beard brush if you want to give it a thicker look.


In the 1930s, a stubble was usually a sign of laziness or unemployment, but right now, it is one of the most popular styles doing the rounds. It is the most natural look to pull off and maintain, ideal for someone who’s not keen on having a full beard. This study conducted by Northumbria University found that most women prefer a guy with a stubble rather than a full beard. This style is great for guys with baby faces as it instantly looks at maturity. All you need is a primary beard trimmer, and you’re all set.

You may wonder that all this is going to involve frequent appointments with your stylist, but that is not the case. All you need to do is invest in a colt shaver of good quality. There are many available in the market, and they come with a variety of functions allowing you to trim your beard, shave or shape it, soften stubble and even clip your nose hair. You can also get a hair straightener and style your hair to your will if you have thick hair and a stubborn beard.

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