Ten Must-Have Grooming Tools For Men

Over the past decade, there has been a lot of radical changes in the perceived notions of society. One of the major things among them is the emergence of ”men’s grooming.” The idea of the ”Rugged Rough man” is now archaic, and men’s grooming has become an essential aspect of a male’s life and impacts their lives significantly. Although it’s true that “its what’s on the inside that counts,” the fact that “you only get one chance to make a good first impression” is also true. So here are ten must-have men’s grooming tools that all men must possess to leave an incomparable first impression.

Face Wash

Face Wash

If you are still one of those guys who’s using a regular bar of soap to wash your face, you deserve to be displayed in a museum. Regular soap bars made for the body tends to dry out facial skin, which is softer and more sensitive. So it is vital to use a proper face wash twice a day for healthy-looking skin. Just make sure to select a face wash that is best suited for your skin type.

Tongue Scraper

Your tongue is a hotbed for bacteria. Bad breath is caused when their numbers increase above normal. So when it comes to oral hygiene, scraping the language is as essential as brushing your teeth. So get a good quality tongue scraper, preferably one made of copper since copper has natural antibacterial properties. 


If you have really thick and ridiculously thick eyebrows, then Tweezers are essential. There are two types- the slanted pair that allows you to go after errant eyebrow hairs, the pointed pair that can help with splinters or ingrown hair.

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are great for getting long-lasting shape and hold for your hairstyle. The heat is also high for a way to maximize the volume of hair and get longer styles. A blowdryer is optional if you’ve got short hair, but you might still consider keeping one on hand.

The Perfect Pomade

When it comes to hair products, one can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. But one product that cannot fail is a water-based pomade. Other products like wax can dry out your hair, making them frizzy, and styling gels arena isn’t good for the hair in the long run. Since it’ also sits a water-based product, it is easy on your hair and washes off easily as well.

Electric Tooth Brush

Though the manual toothbrush does a decent job at keeping our teeth clean, the electric toothbrush does ten times more. So why settle for mediocre when the best is within our reach. It is proven that the electric toothbrush removes ten times more than your ordinary toothbrush. It is also highly recommended by dental professionals.

Sunscreen with Skin Saving SPF

This is something that most men shy away from only because they are a ”man,” but that doesn’t make you immune to the aging and other harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF above 30. If you are someone who is into sports, then opt for one that is sweat proof and waterproof.


Bad body odor can ruin your day. So always make sure you are carrying one. Opt for something that is not too hard since a strong scent is also a turn off since it can make you come across as artificial. If you are someone who sweats a lot, then you should get a pocket-sized deodorant so that you can always have one in hand and possibly avert a crisis. 

Lip Balm

This is another product that men don’t pay much heed to, but trust me, they should. Chapped lips are a big turn down, so it’s necessary to keep a lip balm hand, especially if you travel a lot or spend a lot of time in an AC room.

Electric Rotary Shaver

Electric Rotary Shaver

Electric Shaver is the biggest boon that technology can provide for all men. Shaving has always been a time consuming and cut inducing affair with the traditional razors. But the electric rotary shaver has ensured that all that is a thing of the past. Some electric shavers are even designed to perform multiple functions letting you use it as a hair trimmer, hair shaver, softening stubble, shaping your beard, and even cleansing your face.

Beard And Hair Straightener

If you someone with curly and stubborn hair, then a hair straightener is a must for your arsenal. It’s best to get a hair straightener that can be used on both your hair and beard. This will save you a lot of time. It gets heated pretty quickly and is very easy to use. Try to get a hair straightener comb that is ceramic coated so that it doesn’t damage your scalp. It is very compact and easy to pack for traveling as well. With the two in one hair and beard straightener, you can look your best at all times.

So with these tools at your disposal, you can always look sharp, which ensures that every first impression that you make is the best impression!

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