The Best Beard Style That Perfectly Complements Your Bald Look

The Best Beard Style That Perfectly Complements Your Bald Look

Trying to spice up your style with a bald look and aesthetic beard styles? This distinct style is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. But remember, make no mistake. Before picking any beard style, ensure it goes perfectly well with your look. Today many beard styles add an extra dimension to your look. Find out what you can pick.

Trying to spice up your style with a bald look. Try out these unique, aesthetic styles that are sure to define your look. Click here to read more.

1. Wide stubble

Wide stubble

This is the easiest style to grow and maintain. You only need to allow your facial hair to grow for a couple of days. Once the hair has reached the optimal length or the length you desire, then trim with a razor. Since it is effortless to create and maintain, many men with bald heads go for this straightforward approach.

2. The Scruff

The scruff

Many men grow their beards just to flaunt their scruffy beard. This style gives a defined look to the face. The scruffy beard always stands from the face. All that you need to get this style is a pair of scissors.

3. The Bruce Willis Beard

The Bruce Willis beard

If you follow this popular actor, you will know how this classic style looks. This is most feasible for a guy who is looking for a low-maintenance yet attractive look.

4. Full Beard with Shiny Bald Head

Full beard with shiny bald head

If you have a full, thicker beard, then you should go for this look at least once in your life. The thick beard and mustache make an ultimate statement with their uniqueness. The only challenging job here is, you need professional help to achieve this style. If you don’t have natural dark hair, there is always an option to dye your beard to get the look you want.

5. The Disconnected Beard and Mustache

The disconnected beard and mustache

The shaven head look can be made compelling with this style. To pull off this look successfully, both the beard and mustache need to be trimmed neatly. You can either keep your beard and mustache thick or make it a thin line above your lip with a trimmer.

6. The Curly Beard with a Bald Head

The curly beard with a bald head

If your facial hair is naturally wavy, you can go for this style. This style is relatively easy to maintain when you have the right products and shaving equipment. If you have natural straight hair, you can get a wavy look with some beard products. However, this style needs constant grooming to keep hair from going weak and brittle.

7. Trimmed Beard with Underlip Strap

Trimmed beard with underlip strap

Many men try to keep their beard short and well in shape. To uplift your bald look, you can save a light mustache with a single strap under the lips. This is the ideal style for those who want both a casual and formal look simultaneously.

8. Designer Chinstrap with Bald

Designer chinstrap with bald

Bald head with chin strap go perfectly if you know how to put this style. However, before going to this style, make sure it suits your face shape. If you want designer chinstrap thin under the ears and thick on the jawline, keep the mustache pencil round and connected.

Have you decided which style goes well with your bald head? With no delay, start styling your beard. And make the styling process extra easy with an electric rotary shaver and beard straightener.

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