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Why Should You Replace Your Old-School Soap Dispenser With An Automatic Soap Dispenser?

Today there’s a growing need for hygiene than ever. People think twice before using amenities in public and private spaces.  Everyone wants to keep themselves miles away from contracting germs and bacteria.  In times like these, there’s a need for a tool that ensures people’s safety.  In this blog, know how an automatic soap dispenser helps you fight a battle against germs and why it is safer than the old-fashioned soap dispensers.

What are Automatic Soap Dispensers?

benefits of soap dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers are the tools that use sensor technology to allow people to sanitize their hands without touching the device. This leading innovation can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

This device is usually fitted in the bathrooms or restrooms. The tool is filled with a liquid soap solution. When one places the hands beneath its nozzle, its motion sensors detect the body’s heat and dispels the right amount of liquid soap without requiring any form of contact.

Why Buy an Automatic Soap Dispenser?

The washrooms are the source of germ transmission.  The traditional soaps and hand dispenser see  more human contacts than any other amenities in the washroom or restroom.  Therefore, they are more prone to get contaminated and may infect the other person using them. An automatic liquid soap dispenser is touch-less; it automatically pumps the soap when it senses the hand movement.

How will an automatic soap dispenser keep you safe in this pandemic?

What Are the Advantages of an Automatic Soap Dispenser?

automatic soap dispenser


A sensor soap dispenser is a touch-less device that ensures no surface-transmission of germs. Due to this feature, it is gaining widespread popularity. You see this device being fixed in places like airports and restaurants. Because in such places, thousands of people use the facility, the chances of germs transmission are higher. With the help of foaming hand dispensers, one can sanitize their hands without contracting germs. However, now this device is restrained not only to public places, with the pandemic outbreak, the automatic soap dispensers are also being installed even in private spaces.

Easy to Maintain:

Unlike bar soaps or regular soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers are easy to maintain. Because bar soaps tend to leave residual in the soap holder, whereas regular soap dispensers may litter the place by dripping and spilling. 

The sensor soap dispenser addresses these two problems and keeps the place neat and tidy.


The traditional soap dispensers, sometimes accidentally pump out liquid soap more than required.  But sensor soap dispensers are designed in such a way that it dispels only a certain amount of soap.  Thus it saves you from unnecessarily spending money on buying new liquid soap.


Apart from liquid soap, you can also use an automatic soap dispenser to store hand sanitizer, detergent solution, hand cream, or body lotion.  They can also be installed in the kitchen and laundry rooms.  Besides, it  consumes less space and is easier to use for all age groups.

How to use an automatic soap dispenser at homes during corona

What Are the Extra Benefits of Soap Dispensers?

soap dispensers
  • They come in an attractive look that is sure to adorn your washroom or restroom.
  • They can easily be installed and used.
  • Flora Automatic dispenser is one of the best automatic soap dispensers online- it works on battery, and the batteries are easily rechargeable.
  • They dispense the right amount of soap, without leading to any wastage.
  • Best way to stay away from germs at home or any other public place.
  • The device and its batteries are durable and reliable.

The automatic soap dispenser makes life simpler and takes individual hygiene to the next level. By installing an automatic soap dispenser, now add an extra style quotient to the place you own.

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