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Averil 2 in 1 Beard Styler



All in one hair and beard straightener for men to smoothen and style the frizzy beard and hair. This is the easiest way to have a long beard.

  • The best hair and beard straightener for men who love to flaunt their beard and hair in style.
  • No hair or scalp damage can be seen as the teeth of the straightening brush are coated with ceramic.
  • Adjustable temperature setting options that aid in hair and beard grooming of different textures and thicknesses.
  • The device takes seconds to heat up and is very easy to use.
  • Detangles your hair and beard with ease.

Product Benefits

  • Straightens and volumizes your hair.
  • The device takes 60 seconds to heat and about 3 minutes to straighten the hair.
  • The device turns down automatically after use.
  • Innovative and ergonomic design.
  • The product comes with a one-year warranty.

How To Use

  • Wash off and dry your hair or beard completely.
  • Connect the device to the socket and turn it on.
  • Hold your hair in one hand and the beard straightener in the other.
  • Slowly drag the machine from top to bottom of your hair.
  • Take small strands of hair at a time for the most effective result.
  • Turn off the device and unplug it after use.
  • Do not use the device during a shower or in wet conditions.


Should I use Beard Oil before straightening?

Yeah! Use beard oil before straightening. Applying beard oil helps moisturize, soften and condition the frizzy hair. Make sure you use the best beard straightener.

Are beard straighteners bad for your beard?

No! Electric Beard straightener will not damage your hair. as brush teeth are coated with ceramic. However, ensure that you use the right heat setting.

How do I straighten my beard with a beard straightener?

Follow the below tips to straighten your beard with Heated Beard Straightening comb

  • Wash your hair and beard and dry them thoroughly.
  • Turn on the device by connecting the device to the socket.
  • Take a small strand of hair and gently run over the hair.
  • Drag the device from top to bottom of your hair.
  • Turn off the device and unplug after the use.