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Flora Automatic Soap Dispenser


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The automatic and untouchable soap dispenser is a step to improve hygiene at home and public places and stay away from germs.

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  • The foaming soap dispenser can be filled with any soap, sanitizer or shampoo. It can also be filled with the dish wash liquids too.
  • The sensors used will dispense the soaps automatically and you don’t need to make an effort to press or turn the dispenser open.
  • The device only dispenses soap when it senses your hand and there is no problem of leakage.
  • Since the device dispenses soap when it senses, there is no contact of hands and this prevents the germs from passing on, giving you clean hands.
  • The device is water-proof and you shouldn’t be worrying if it falls off into the water.

Product Benefits

  • The spreading of germs does not happen as this device does not need your contact to dispense soap.
  • The device is free from electric wires and works on battery – keeping you safe and sound.
  • The body of the dispenser does not react to moisture and water. You can keep them in your bathroom or kitchens too.
  • The device and the batteries are long-lasting.
  • The sleek model makes the device look stylish.


Can you put regular liquid soap in a foaming dispenser?

Regular liquid soap won’t work efficiently in a foaming dispenser. To make a foaming soap, add water to the liquid soap to thin it down and then use it in the electric soap dispenser.

How do you keep a soap dispenser from clogging?

To keep the automatic foam soap dispenser from clogging, use diluted liquid at the nozzle tip. To unclog, you can also take the help of a toothpick.

Can you put hand sanitizer in a soap dispenser?

Yes! You can put hand sanitizer in a touchless soap dispenser.

Can you put hand sanitizer in a soap dispenser?

Yes! You can put hand sanitizer in a touchless soap dispenser.

How does an automatic soap dispenser work?

Foaming soap dispenser comes with sensors that detect the heat energy emitted by the body. When hand comes in proximity to it, it senses it and dispenses the required amount of soap.

How To Use

  • Take the hand soap dispenser and fill it with soap.
  • You could use any liquid soap or shampoo as this device is compatible with any kind of liquid soaps.
  • Closs the cap tightly to prevent leakage.
  • Pot the batteries in the battery socket given in the design.
  • Turn it on and place it to use soaps and shampoos without making your hands and the bottle messy.

2 reviews for Flora Automatic Soap Dispenser

  1. Luke Spears

    It’s the best way to sanitize your hands without touching the device. It dispels the right amount of liquid without littering the place. If anyone is looking to upgrade hygiene, this is the best tool to go for.

  2. Layla Wilson

    The product has adorned my place with its stylish design. I have 2 automatic soap dispensers at home, one in the washroom and another in the kitchen. Both of them work great. They are easy to install and consume less space.

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