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Woosa Accupunture Massage Pen


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Massager pen that works on the principle of acupuncture and can be carried anywhere. This is the easiest tool to get a quick massage.

  • The massager acupuncture pen comes with three different massage heads – dome, spheroidal and node type. These massage heads are designed to be used in different parts of the body for different effects.
  • A low voltage massage therapy from this electric massager aids in reviving the dead skin cells and also loosens the stiff muscles.
  • The vibrations reduce wrinkles and sagging flesh associated with aging and make skin fair and healthy.
  • The device has 9 different power levels that aid in massaging different parts of the body.

3 reviews for Woosa Accupunture Massage Pen

  1. Kaylee Davis

    The massager pen is easy to use and relieves my pain quite instantly. Since the product is very handy, I tag it along wherever I go. For those who are suffering from any chronic pain, I highly recommend a massage pen.

  2. Jaden Gracia

    The Woosa acupuncture massager pen gives a spa-like experience. It releases muscle tension and lifts your mood. Besides, alleviating pain it also removes face wrinkles and dullness. It’s sure to be a multi functional product.

  3. John Martinez

    I no longer need a physiotherapist, because the massager pen does a job of taking away my stress and lifting mood. Whenever I roll a massager pen on my body, it calms my nerves and gives a very relaxed feeling. Thanks a ton for the device.

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