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Woosa Accupunture Massage Pen


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Massager pen that works on the principle of acupuncture and can be carried anywhere. This is the easiest tool to get a quick massage.

  • The massager acupuncture pen comes with three different massage heads – dome, spheroidal and node type. These massage heads are designed to be used in different parts of the body for different effects.
  • A low voltage massage therapy from this electric massager aids in reviving the dead skin cells and also loosens the stiff muscles.
  • The vibrations reduce wrinkles and sagging flesh associated with aging and make skin fair and healthy.
  • The device has 9 different power levels that aid in massaging different parts of the body.

Product Benefits

  • This massager pen is a device that is as good as a massage spa at home.
  • The massager pen heals muscles and also helps in giving you a fair skin.
  • The device is an amazing anti-wrinkle tool.
  • The battery life of the massager tool is long-lasting
  • Getting home this device is getting home a physiotherapy clinic’s massage sessions.

How To Use

  • Insert the 1 AA battery in the provided compartment.
  • Turn the device on by holding it with the tip on the upper side and pressing the lower half of the black toggle button. On starting the device, number 1 must appear on the display screen. The power of the device can be increased up to 9.
  • Put a little amount of contact gel on the inner part of the wrist.
  • Use the device on medium-low setting (between 3 to 5) and press the tip to the wrist firmly. If you do not feel the pulsation, choose the higher setting. If you feel the stinging sensation on the skin, apply more Contact Gel to the skin.
  • Keep the tip sliding continuously until a strong pulse is felt. Finding a strong pulse is important as it indicates that you have found an acupoint and you are stimulating it. It is okay to hold the Accu pointer directly on the acupoint or massage the point along the associated meridian. Usually, the pulsations are found throughout the entire length of the meridian. The locations of the acupoints and the meridians are provided at the end of this booklet.


Does acupuncture work immediately?

The effectiveness of Laser Therapy Acupuncture depends on factors like body nature and condition. For some, acupuncture may work immediately, and for some it may take about some time to reveal its effectiveness.

How do you use an electronic acupuncture pen?

Follow the below steps to use the acupuncture

  • Insert the batteries and turn on the device.
  • When you start the device, you see the number 1 displayed on the LED, the power can be increased up to 9.
  • Apply gel on the area where you want to administer the device.
  • Use the device on a medium setting (3-5). If you do not feel the pulsation, increase the power.
  • Keep gliding it until you feel the pulsation.
  • Turn off the device after the use.

(Note: Use acupuncture for headaches and lower back pain. For more information, refer the user manual)

What does acupuncture pen do?

Electric Massage Pen triggers the acupoints of the body and helps in the healing process. Electric Pen massage also give you a glowing, wrinkle-free skin.

Are electric acupuncture pens safe?

Acupuncture products are absolutely safe. They provide the best neck and back massage.


3 reviews for Woosa Accupunture Massage Pen

  1. Kaylee Davis

    The massager pen is easy to use and relieves my pain quite instantly. Since the product is very handy, I tag it along wherever I go. For those who are suffering from any chronic pain, I highly recommend a massage pen.

  2. Jaden Gracia

    The Woosa acupuncture massager pen gives a spa-like experience. It releases muscle tension and lifts your mood. Besides, alleviating pain it also removes face wrinkles and dullness. It’s sure to be a multi functional product.

  3. John Martinez

    I no longer need a physiotherapist, because the massager pen does a job of taking away my stress and lifting mood. Whenever I roll a massager pen on my body, it calms my nerves and gives a very relaxed feeling. Thanks a ton for the device.

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